About us
For more humanity in politics
Cogitatio Mundo is an international consulting agency specialized in institutional relations and public affairs, strategy and development, personalized accompaniement and political advisoring but also in missions of cultural and solidarity projects supervision.

Its tagline  « For more humanity in politics » reflects its wish to place the human being in the center of priorities and to offer the possibility of watching the world differently. The agency mainly works for peace, equality, education, culture and ecology with a pole  of experts based in France, in Paris, and in numerous regions of the world to answer any request efficiently and quickly.

The strength of Cogitatio Mundo is situated at the crossroads of expertise, passion, field experience, institutional knowledge and diplomatic practice. Cogitatio Mundo understands the economic, society, environment and political stakes in order to develop a solution or an adapted project. The pooling of skills concerning complex present issues enables efficiency and rapidity in the answers brought to either public or private clients.
A holistic, situated, personalized approach
A worldwide network quickly mobilisable
The strength of the private sector over public sectors
An agility in handling complex issues
A committed agency

An Equal Agency

Cogitatio Mundo defends the equality of chances and opportunities by allowing as many men as women to achieve their professional potentials, to develop their competences and their economic empowerment. The company claims to be an opportunity of development and change for women to be able to fulfil themselves completely. So as much as inside the agency as in the promoted projects, we commit for access to employment and salary equality as actors of the practice change process.

A Green Agency

Every month Cogitatio Mundo plants trees in the Peruvian region of San Martin in partnership with the research Institute URKU for the restoration of the Amazonian forest and to enable local communities to collect its fruits thanks to Maya walnut tree, capirona, mahogany cedar and guapuruvu. By being Reforest’Actor, Cogitatio Mundo contributes to the fight against the climate warming up, protects regional biodiversity and helps for food security and economic development for local populations.

Peace, Equality, Culture, Education, Ecology
Our Approach
Nowadays it is clear that the human being has become a consumable item and a data. He is forgotten to the service of the system. After many trips throughout Africa, Asia, Caucasia, Eurasia, the Middle East, Northern America, Latin America and Europe, our  will of being at the service of a new balance between institution and population was born.

That is the way Cogitatio Mundo wants the human being to be put back at his right place, that is to say at the heart of politics in the first sense of the word : the human being in the heart of the city life.

Cogitatio Mundo intends to be the link, the connection between the field and the various political actors necessary to the good working of the world. The situational analysis, the appropriateness with the real need, the right answer to the problem we are faced with and the personalized accompaniement are the key ideas of Cogitatio Mundo for the creation of representative synergies of new societies.
Areas of activity
Public affairs and institutional relations
Actions with influencers, setting up of institutional relations programmes, parliamentary and legislative watch, positioning in relation to decision-makers, help for the influence of the company, accompaniement of the company spokespersons.
International strategies and development
Analysis of situations, integration of complex issues in the general sectorial planning of a state or city policies, preparation and setting up of development policies, negociation in an international context.
Financial analysis
Financial audit, financial analysis of political programmes, state budgets, progress reports, reform design, monitoring of public expenses, design and developement of quantitative tools or models of macroeconomic forecasts, production of economic forecasts.
Consulting and accompaniement
Personalized accompaniement of public and private decision-makers, help to the change and transformation management, coaching, speaking in public workshops, media training, setting up of crisis management procedures, creation of contents, press releases, press kits, public relations.
Interculturality and integration
Progress reports, programme evaluation audits, creation and setting up of measures and facilities for the welcome and accompaniement of asylum seekers or for people under international protection, recommandations and networking. Design and delivery of professional French modules.
Cultural and solidarity projects
Drawing up and setting up of cultural policies, urban social projects management, building up of projects, carrying out of cultural equipment projects, exhibitions and festivals, intercultural projects whose purposes are meet, testimony and share.
The Main Team
Cogitatio Mundo gathers together a pole  of experts based in Paris and a mobile network of international competences and skills, an efficient balance between expertise and dynamism and a worldwide connection to the service of the client.
Headquarters : 9, rue des Perchamps - 75016 Paris FRANCE
+33 6 28 07 45 06